This year the festival will explore the similarities and differences between Liveable and Loveable in the context of the cities in which we live.

To build and inform the 2019 programme, the team behind Dundee Design Festival are asking people to answer 2 questions. What Would Make Your City More Liveable? What Would Make Your City More Loveable?

But the festival isn’t just looking for responses from Dundee, but from around the world. In a first for Dundee Design Festival, the questions have been translated into six other languages - each chosen for their prominence as languages spoken in Dundee and within the UNESCO City of Design Network - Polish, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, French and Spanish.

We all know that design has the opportunity to impact our lives positively and alongside showcasing beautiful design, the Dundee Design Festival has always told the stories of how design changes lives. We want to use our public platform to have these discussions and to explore what as a city and as designers, we can and need, to do better.
This year's festival will try to uncover some of those common feelings about the cities in which we live. The programme will then explore through workshops, events, exhibitions and talks, what design can do to help make our cities more liveable and of course, more loveable.

You can answer the questions for yourself here!